Venue change for this week

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July 12, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Venue change for this week

As you come to Kiwanis each week, you have likely noticed all of the remodeling going on inside the Athletic Club of Columbus. They are nearing a point where they will be doing a major upgrade to their plumbing, and to do so, they must shut down certain operations within the Club. Consequently, we will be unable to meet at the Athletic Club of Columbus this week.

Through the efforts of Past President Lisa Jolley, we have secured a temporary (one week only) meeting location at The Columbus Foundation, located at 1234 East Broad Street. Our meal will be catered in and you will have an option between two meals:

Option #1 – Turkey club on a pretzel bun with fruit salad, chips and a brownie.

Option #2 – Roasted veggies and hummus wrap, with fruit salad, chips and a brownie.

The cost of both meals will be $15.50, and a no-meal option will be available, as usual. Please use the normal on-line registration process to make your meal selection and to pay.

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